Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 13! 2nd Fit Test

So Sunday was Day 12, which I had off. Today is 13 and it was my two week Fit Test. I did increase in most of the exercises, by a few more repetitions, in others, I stayed the same, and in fact, in one I did a few less. I wonder if I miss counted during the first test. Because how can I excel or stay the same in all of them, but one?

Not much reflected in this weeks measurements and weight. I am down an additional half pound (hey, I will take it), which means I am down a total of 3. But its still early, only been two weeks. These next two weeks I will have to work harder and maybe adjust my calorie in-take. Next week will be challenging since I will be away on business, but I have every intention of still doing the workouts and eating right.

Have to keep pushing and keep "Digging Deeper"!!!

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