Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 2 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Holy crap! LOL...its about to get real and its only day 2! The good thing is...day 2 is behind me now. (Phew!) I ate good today...5 meals (according to plan)...met my caloric goals and it feels great. I struggled a little today with feeling hungry, but I filled that hunger with water and the hunger passed. No problemo! I got this!

The workout this evening with Insanity was actually not that bad. Of course, while I was doing the jumping squats and basketball jumps, I was cursing it (silently, in my head) and dripping sweat everywhere...but in the end...its just because I am out of shape. Not Shaun T's fault, my fault. I huffed and puffed through it, feeling sore in my legs from yesterday's fit test, but I pushed through (with breaks here and there). My son gave it his all too...and we encouraged each other through the workout. Tomorrow is "Cardio Power and Resistance" and I am still pumped! But right now, I must relax my muscles, including the ones in my fingers (do we have muscles there? I am sure I will find out soon enough!)

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