Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 3 - Cardio Power is NUTS!!! So I finished day 3...and wow! I struggled through today's workout a little more then the last two days, mostly because the muscles in my legs are sooooo sore! I worked at a bit of a slower pace today, but my heart was still pumping and I was still sweating! And it looks like I am solo now, my son said, "nah...I'm gonna be conditioning for football I am good". What???? I have to do this alone??!! It was helpful the last two days with him pushing me...but I still got this!

I did, however pull a muscle in my back doing jumping squats (yep, lovely)...sooooo not sure how that will work out for tomorrow's session, but I am not giving up! So off I go to rest and this time with an ice pack! LOL

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