Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 5 - Pure Cardio

Holy moly canoly (my word, I made it up) I am pooped after today's work out! I am off schedule because of the day I missed, but I am still doing the workouts in order. Sunday is supposed to be my day off from working out, but since I sat out earlier this week because of my back, tomorrow I am going to do the workout I was supposed to do today so that I am caught up, which is the Plyometrics.

I did feel a bit stronger today and was able to handle the workouts a little longer before I needed to break. Its all about building my stamina. I have found though, the most important thing, is to at least perform each move, even if fatigued and even if you cant complete all of the repetitions. Because that is how I will build my strength and stamina. And pushing, pushing and digging deeper with in myself serves its purpose to build self discipline and not sell my self short. It feels so good.

Till tomorrow - have a great day!

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