Friday, May 24, 2013

Days 9 & 10!!!!! I'm Still Here!

I'm still here! Sorry, I totally forgot to post yesterday. However, I DID complete my work out yesterday! Afterwards, I went out to celebrate my sister's birthday AND I did good at dinner! WOOP! WOOP!

I knocked out Day 10 today and the best thing about it is, I am doing certain exercises now in full form, that I could not do last week! That makes me feel good. I cant wait to take my measurements on Monday and see where I am!

I am still eating good, but I will confess, today I didn't stick with the 5 meal plan. I ended up with a whole wheat bagel for breakfast, which was okay, but then went to lunch with a friend and had a Cobb Salad. And that's all I have had today. So yeah, but that's okay. I will be right back to the regular tomorrow.

See ya tomorrow!

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