Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 15 - Pure Cardio and Abs AGAIN!

And I barley have the energy to type this blog. OH MY WOOOOOORD! This ish is INSANE! This dude Shaun T is crazy! and perhaps on speed, because damn, I feel like I am going to pass out during some of the work outs and he is just jumping, and pumping and doing freaking acrobats talking about "PUSH PUSH DIG DEEPER, CORE TIGHT" and I am like...excuse me!?? What if you don't have a core to keep tight???? How can you tense muscles that ARE NOT THERE??! Like a new born trying to raise their head while on their belly, their ish bobs because they don't have neck muscles! Well that's my core people LOL

It would be nice if there was guide. Such as...if your a beginner and have never should expect agility improvement is x amount of days. If your intermediate...then x amount of days for you. It would be a good guide to see if we are where we should be.

Any how...I am pooped so PEACE out lovers!

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